Shop & Establishment Registration

What is

Shop & Establishment Registration

The Labour Department of the respective states regulates the Shop and Establishment Act in every state. While the Act's general provisions remain consistent across all states, it is the responsibility of the Labour Department to oversee its enforcement. The Act governs the operations of all shops and commercial establishments within the state.

The Act typically defines shops as premises where goods are sold, either at retail or wholesale, or where customer services are provided. Similarly, it defines commercial establishments as establishments related to commerce, banking, trade, insurance, or administrative services, and where individuals are employed for office-related tasks. This definition encompasses establishments like hotels, boarding houses, restaurants, cafes, theaters, and other public entertainment or amusement venues. However, it's important to note that the Act does not cover factories and industries, as these are governed by the Factories Act of 1948 and the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act of 1951.


Shop & Establishment Registration

Procedure for availing Shop and Establishment License are as follows

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Submit an application

The applicant who wishes to obtain a Shop and Establishment License must submit an application to the Chief Inspector, along with the required fees. The application for the Shop and Establishment License includes various details such as the employer's name, address, and the name of the shop. The applicant needs to fill in these particulars. Depending on the specific state, the application can be filed either online or offline.

Verification of the application

After receiving the application for the Shop and Establishment License, the inspector will conduct an investigation of the provided information and credentials. The inspector will continue the investigation until they are satisfied with the given details. It's important to note that any invalid information in the application increases the likelihood of cancellation. The inspector has the authority to cancel the application if any loopholes are found.

Issuance of the certificate

After approval of the application, the inspector will include the details in the Register of Establishments and issue the registration certificate to the applicant. The validity of the certification will remain active for five years. Following this period, the applicant must fulfil the renewal requirement. Displaying the registration certificate in the establishment's premises is another obligatory provision of this act. Failure to comply with such provisions will be considered an offense and could result in the imposition of a penalty.

List of Documents Required for

Shop And Establishment Registration

Below are the documents required for the process of Shop And Establishment Registration:

  • Shop or Business Establishment address proof i.e Rent Agreement, NOC, Electricity Bill
  • ID proof of the proprietor/Partners/directors.
  • PAN Card of the proprietor/Partnership/Company.
  • Passport size Photograph
  • Details of the employees
  • Payment challan
  • Nature of business
  • Additional business licenses necessary for starting the business, if any


shop and establishment registration



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