Overview of

FSSAI Registration

Every business dealing with the food and beverages activities is required to apply for either simple FSSAI registration or FSSAI license. There are different types of FSSAI licenses based on business turnover, type of activity and scale of business. According to the packaging and labelling provisions of Food Safety and Standards Act India (FSSAI), 2006, it is necessary for every food business operator to print an FSSAI registration number or license number and FSSAI logo on the packaging of the food products.

Types of

FSSAI License or FSSAI Registration

The applicability of FSSAI License / Registration is determined by the turnover of the business, as indicated in the following list.

Sno.Types of FSSAI LicenseApplicability
1FSSAI registrationSmall food business operators with maximum annual turnover of Rs.12 lakhs.
2FSSAI State LicenseMedium size companies with annual turnover of Rs.12 lakh to 20 crores
3FSSAI Central Licenselarge size businesses which have an annual turnover above Rs.20 crores.

Validity of

FSSAI License/Registration

The FSSAI License / Registration can be obtained for minimum 1 year to maximum 5 years .

List of Documents Required for

Food License Registration

Below are the documents required for the process of Fssai License Or Fssai Registration:

RegistrationState License Central License
Signed form ASigned form BSigned form B
Address & ID Proof- Aadhaar, Voter ID, Electricity BillAddress & ID Proof- Aadhaar, Voter ID, Electricity BillAddress & ID Proof- Aadhaar, Voter ID, Electricity Bill
In case of water is ground water, then NOC from Municpal CorporationIn case of water is ground water, then NOC from Municpal Corporation
Certificate of Incorporation, MOA & AOA, Partnership Deed etc.Import Exporter Code (IEC)
Photo of Machinery and Work placeCertificate of Incorporation, MOA & AOA
Board Resolution/Authorisation LetterBoard Resolution/Authorisation Letter
Form IX alongside the Board Resolution for a situation of Company as it werePhoto of Machinery and Work place
Declaration regarding Food Safety Management System.Form IX alongside the Board Resolution for a situation of Company as it were
Declaration regarding Food Safety Management System.



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FSSAI Registration and License

  • Basic
  • 1399
    per (Including GST) *Govt Fee Extra
  • FSSAI registration for 1 year
  • (Where annual turnover is less than 12 lakh)
  • E-guide on FSSAI regulation
  • Premium
  • 3299
    per (Including GST) *Govt Fee Extra
  • FSSAI Central license for 1 year
  • "(FSSAI Central License application filing for
  • 5 star hotels, large food transporters,
  • manufacturers, distributors and retailers.)"
  • E-guide on FSSAI regulation
  • Inspection Checklist

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An FSSAI license is a mandatory license issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to ensure that food business operators comply with the food safety regulations and standards set by the authority.

Any entity involved in food-related activities, including manufacturing, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, transportation, and sale of food products, requires an FSSAI license. This includes restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, food importers/exporters, caterers, food retailers, food delivery services, etc.

FSSAI licenses are categorized into three types:

  • Basic License (for small-scale businesses)
  • State License (for medium-sized businesses)
  • Central License (for large-scale businesses, importers, and exporters)

The application for an FSSAI license can be submitted online through the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) portal of the FSSAI. The application must include the necessary documents and information related to the business, premises, food products, and other relevant details.

The validity period of an FSSAI license depends on the type of license. Basic and State licenses are typically issued for a period of 1 to 5 years, while Central licenses have a validity of up to 5 years. Renewal of the license is required before the expiry date.

Yes, an FSSAI license can be transferred or modified in certain cases, such as a change in business ownership, change in premises, addition of new food products, etc. The transfer or modification process involves submitting the necessary documents and fulfilling the prescribed requirements to the FSSAI.

Non-compliance with FSSAI regulations or violation of food safety standards can result in penalties, fines, and legal actions. The FSSAI has the authority to conduct inspections, investigations, and take necessary enforcement measures to ensure compliance and protect public health.

No, it is illegal to operate a food business without a valid FSSAI license. Non-compliance can result in penalties, closure of the business, and other legal consequences. It is essential to obtain the appropriate license before commencing any food-related activities.

Yes, it is advisable to prominently display the FSSAI license at the business premises to assure customers and regulatory authorities of compliance with food safety standards.

  • Primary food producers, i.e. farmers
  • Food prepare only for household purpose
  • Registered as a member of cooperative society

A food business operator getting his products manufactured from third-party manufacturers shall apply for license under Relabeller Category as per FSSAI order 1(5)/Enf-1/FSSAI/2012 dated 01.04.2013.

Yes, it is mandatory to declare 14-digit FSSAI License or Registration number on cash receipts/ purchase invoices/cash memo /bills, etc. by all food businesses. When any operator issues 2 transaction documents such as in the case of transporters issuing transport challan/ Bill etc. and an invoice, then FSSAI number needs to be mentioned on both documents. The only exemption will be the GST e-way bill and such other govt. documents that are system generated. Please also refer FSSAI order vide 15(31)2020/FoSCoS/RCD/FSSAI dated 8th June 2021.

FBOs who are involved in manufacturing/trading of food items for domestic market and for export purpose also, are required to obtain FSSAI license under “Manufacturing” group head for appropriate KoB and under “Exporter” KoB. A single license application has to be made through FoSCoS, if operating from the same premises.

FBO engaged in the supply of food items may apply under either distributor and/or wholesaler and/or transporter category.

At present, as per the provision, FBO has the option to test it in its own or any NABL accredited lab or FSSAI notified labs.

In case, a Repacker wants to display the name of original manufacturer on the product label, he/she needs to obtain NOC from the manufacturer and enclose it as a mandatory document for license. Further, in case, a Repacker owns the compliance of the food product as per FSS Act, 2006, Rules and Regulations thereunder and does not want to mention the name of the manufacturer but wants to mention packed by him on the label, he shall give an undertaking on his letterhead while applying for license. On behalf of the undertaking submitted, he may be exempted from the requirement of NOC from the manufacturer.

It is suggested that FBOs should apply for the registration or license under their eligible category; however, if an FBO voluntarily wants to apply for a higher category of license than their eligibility, he may be allowed to do so subject to the fulfillment of all other requirements such as conditions and compliance associated with the category of License.

The DO may suspend the license of a Food Business Operator (FBO) if they are not complying with the improvement notice. The DO may further cancel the suspended license after giving the FBO an opportunity by issuing a show cause notice.

Yes, you are required to obtain FSSAI’s Central license on the address as mentioned in Import Export Code Certificate from DGFT to import food products for sale in India

All Food business operators including pharmacies or medical stores selling Health supplements or Nutraceutical products need to apply for the FSSAI license or registration

Licensing Officer can reject the application in the case when the required information is not provided within the stipulated time of 30 days or is convinced that the application is not tenable and cannot be granted. Before refusing the grant of a license, an applicant shall be given an opportunity of being heard and reasons for such refusal shall be recorded in writing.


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