What is

Government E-Marketplace (GEM)?

The Government of India created the Government E-Marketplace (GEM) to facilitate online procurement of goods and services required by various government departments, organizations, and public sector undertakings in India. The Government of India introduced the Government E-Marketplace (GEM) to enhance transparency in government purchases, improve efficiency and speed up procurement.

Now businesses can register on GEM portal and offer their goods and services and wherein government can purchase goods and services upto Rs.5 lakh without biding and above 5 lakh through bidding/tender process.

Procedure for

GEM Registration

Step1 :

Create a Seller account on GeM


Update organisation profile


Vendor Assessment on GeM


Brand Listing


Product Listing


Bid Participation & Appointment of Resellers

List of Documents Required for

GEM Registration

  • PAN and Aadhar of the Applicant
  • Udyog Adhaar– MSME
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • GST RC
  • Income Tax Return
  • Bank Account Details
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • Cancelled cheque copy
  • Mobile and Email ID
  • If Startup- DPIIT Number


GEM Registration

  • Basic
  • 1999
    per (Including Government Fee)
  • Gem portal Registration
  • 1 Catalogue
  • Premium
  • 4999
    per (Including Government Fee)
  • Gem portal Registration
  • 2 Catalogue
  • MSME Registration
  • Startup India Registration

Why Complianto

for Government E-Marketplace Registration ?


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The StartUp Runway corner on GEM provides an opportunity for agile and lean startups to reach out to government buyers by offering products and services that are unique in concept, design, process, and functionality.

by uploading the product details in the Seller Dashboard under #Startupindia link. The seller should be DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade) registered startup.

Vendor rating is calculated on the basis of five Parameters as defined in the Vendor Rating Policy. The Five Parameters are:

1) Reliability of the Seller/Service Provider
2)Quality of the Delivery
3) Coverage of the Products in GeM Marketplace
4) Timely Delivery of Products/Services
5) Incident History

This caution money provision is being introduced for bringing discipline among sellers. All Sellers on GeM would be required to deposit a fixed amount with GeM as Caution Money deposit without any exception.

All sellers on GeM are required to deposit a one-time amount as under as caution money:
a) Seller Turnover less than 1 Crore: Rs 5,000/-
b) Seller Turn over > 1 Crore but < 10 Crore: Rs 10,000/-
c) Seller Turnover > 10 Crore: Rs 25,000/-

If you fail to deposit the caution money amount, following actions will be taken / initiated against you  then you will not be able to
– upload any new brand / products on GEM.
– participate in any new Bid.
– get any new DP/L1/BID/RA order.

Step1 : Create a Seller account on GEM

Only an authorised person (Director/proprietor or any other key person) should register on GEM. Sellers can register on GEM using the Aadhaar or Pan Card of an orgnaisation’s key person.


Step2 : Update organisation profile

PAN Validation, company details, office location and bank account are the four essential components of the Company profile that must be completed. MSE, startup, and tax assessment are three other possible components.


Step3 : Vendor Assessment on GEM

Sellers must apply for Vendor Assessment on GEM after paying the caution money to receive the OEM certificate. Sellers that want to participate in the public procurement of Q1 and Q2 product categories must complete the GEM Vendor Assessment.  The Quality Council of India conducts vendor evaluation on GeM.


Step4 : Brand Listing

Vendors can list their brands on the applicable area of products and services after becoming an OEM on GeM. Vendors can mention their brands, whether they have a trademark, are the owner of a trademark or sell unbranded goods.


Step5 : Product Listing

Dealers, producers and service providers must then offer their products and services on the GeM site after their brands have been listed. Product listing on the Government E-market place is the name of the procedure. After the GeM Authority authorizes the listing, the sellers/vendors items and services will be available  on the GeM website.


Step6 : Bid Participation and Appointment of Resellers

Sellers can participate in GeM bidding and receive orders after offering their products and services. After receiving clearance, OEMs can appoint or authorise resellers to list their products and services.

Order Management

After completing seller registration and listing, the seller will start receiving orders through the seller dashboard. Wherever a customer places an order, GeM will send you an e-mail alert and orders can be managed through the GeM portal itself. After receiving the order, its the sellers responsibility to pack the item and deliver it to the buyer on-time. It is the seller’s responsibility to deliver the products safely to the consignee.

To sell on GEM

  • Register yourself on the GEM portal.
  • List your products under specific product categories.
  • Once an order is received, deliver the product to the Consignee duly entering its details on the portal.
  • Once an order is successfully delivered, Consignee shall inspect I test the product for its conformity with contract specifications and issue acceptance I rejection through on-line CRAC.
  • After CRAC, buyer will process the bill and forward to paying authority for time bound payments.

Yes, you can sell both Goods as well as Services on GeM; however you need to register separately for the two categories.

As a seller, you will set the price of your products. However, it is upto the Purchaser to select the product as per his requirements. Contract shall be placed by buyer only if he is satisfied with reasonableness of price offered by you.

You can start with even one listing and can gradually increase number of listings.

A: There are three ways to verify a document on GEM:

  • OTP verification: The buyer or seller can verify a document by entering the OTP that is sent to their mobile number.
  • E-sign verification: The buyer or seller can verify a document by e-signing it using a digital signature.
  • Digital signature verification: The buyer or seller can verify a document by uploading a copy of the document and having it verified by a third-party digital signature verification service.

The mode of verification that is used will depend on the type of document and the requirements of the buyer or seller.

The following documents/transactions can be verified through E-sign or Digital Signature on GEM portal:

  • Bid documents: Bid documents can be verified using E-sign or Digital Signature to ensure that they have been submitted by the authorized person.
  • Contract documents: Contract documents can be verified using E-sign or Digital Signature to ensure that they have been signed by all parties involved.
  • Payment documents: Payment documents can be verified using E-sign or Digital Signature to ensure that they have been submitted by the authorized person.
  • Other documents: Other documents, such as invoices, delivery notes, and quality certificates, can also be verified using E-sign or Digital Signature.

Yes, registered email id can be changed/updated. Seller can go to ”Profile Update” under Seller Registration and can change the same.

Once Seller/Service Provider is registered and account is created on GeM, the Primary user of the Seller/Service Provider can create Secondary User Accounts within Seller/Service Provider Organization with different roles and responsibilities. But it is not mandatory to create secondary users.

Authorized signatory of ITR should be the primary user for a seller/service provider organization.

Organizations whose Date of Incorporation is less than 2 years can be exempted from uploading ITR on GeM Portal during registration.

It is mandatory for all government buyers to purchase a certain percentage of products from MSE every year. Hence, if you are registered as MSME, you have the added benefit of sales.

The major benefits are:

(i) Relaxation of prior experience and prior turnover.
(ii) Exemption from submitting “Earnest Money Deposit [EMD]

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